It's time to dramatically improve your

Shoulder Mobility

Does your shoulder mobility need an upgrade?

The Mobility Manifesto Shoulder Program was designed to address pain, muscular imbalances, postural disorders, and restrictions in range of motion.

The program was developed by top physical therapists using a 3-phase approach:

Phase 1: Gain the Range

Improve capsular mobility and restore proper tissue length (Shoulder Range of Motion, 2 Weeks*).

Phase 2: Train the Range

Improve movement quality and strength throughout a wider range of motion (Stability and Motor Control, 2 Weeks*).

Phase 3: Sustain the Range

Learn drills to optimize shoulder performance and long term health (Bullet Proof Your Shoulders, 2 Weeks*).



*Each phase of the Mobility Manifesto Shoulder Program lasts 2 weeks. However, you're encouraged to stay on each phase as long as you feel necessary, using the program assessment as your guide to see how you are improving.

Better Shoulders In Less Than 7 Minutes Per Day

1. We walk you through a 5 minute easy to do self assessment that will gauge your overall shoulder health.

2. We assign you a customized mobility routine that you can easily do anywhere in less than 7 minutes per day.

3. You are given a progression routine every 2 weeks to maximize your mobility!

What People Are Saying

"4 years ago I dislocated my right shoulder at an aerial yoga class. Even with my physio rehab knowledge, it has never been the same (mind you I do specialize in geriatrics and post-op ortho trauma). A few months ago, I came across Will and The Mobility Manifesto on Instagram I subscribed right away inspired by his injury and rehab story. The videos are super easy to follow. In only 3 weeks, I have made improvements in my range, have decreased pain and even my running arm swing looks better! Now for the strength phase. I would highly suggest the Mobility Manifesto"

-Kim Hall (Physiotherapist)

"Bulletproof your shoulders in less than 7 minutes per day for 6 weeks."

Assess Your Shoulder Mobility

Improve Your Shoulder's Range of Motion

Gain Strength, Stability & Motor Control Through You're Newly Gained Range of Motion

Optimize Shoulder Performance




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