HumanX 5" Foam Core Belt

$ 22.00 22.00
HumanX 5" Foam Core Belt is a lightweight alternative to the traditional leather weightlifting belt. At a low cost it provides the strong and stable support you need to do your workouts, while preventing injury.
The extra wide 5” belt has foam core base, encircled by a 3” support strap and steel roller buckle that tension tight to engage your abdominal cavity and support your lower back.  The Premium hook-and-loop closure stays stuck throughout your lift so no worries about popping the closure. The Abrasion-resistant face exterior stands up to every day use, while the plush tricot lining is comfortable and helps maintain muscle warmth during workout.
Do not use your pant size to determine the size of your belt.

Use a tape measure around your waist between your ribs and hips. Circle around the waist so you start/stop on belly button.

Our weight lifting belts are designed to be worn tight around one’s waist.

The more secure the belt, the more support and stabilization it provides.

If you prefer a looser fit, buy one size larger belt.