SoFlo Athletics Thumb Tape

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Protect your thumbs and improve your grip with SoFlo's Athletics Thumb Tape. This tape's woven texture and extra sticky glue will not only create a barrier between your skin and the barbell to prevent painful ripping and chafing, but it will also give you a stronger and more comfortable grip so you can "hold on" and get a couple of extra reps in during your workout. 

Taping up with SoFlo Athletics Thumb Tape will eliminate the pain and discomfort oftentimes experienced when hook-gripping a barbell. As a result, athletes will be better able to focus on their form, technique, and enhancing their performance. 

This tape was created by a CrossFit athlete FOR CrossFit athletes--the tape is sticky enough to stay on during your sweatiest workouts, flexible enough to allow full range of motion, and comfortable enough to use every day and for every workout. Sticky tape that stays sticky. 🔥

Each roll is 1.5 inches x 25 Feet.